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Another payload

 hocus pocus magic men appear           laying down my bloody sword of fear

  ancient lands are calling me today my city is crumbling to decay how long can my luck hold out for me

does god love a strongman cause they couldnt take it so you had to break it up I went down to the deathcamp just out of munich god it was a spooky place it looked like a highschool

God is good see the writing on the wall it tells you you aint coming home if you could just get warm you wouldnt be so cold inside if your childhood was bright

that cowgirls been seen too that cowboy is gungho I am not a mean man I never picked a fight fill me up with whisky

A little powder
what have they done to my beloved drug my get up and go has got up and gone I got away but I couldnt escape myself freedom for a day imprisonment for two a little powder goes a long long way

The First song with my new Band, "the new franconians"


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