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A.T.WELLS  DVD Video Featuring various clips from Weels career including "lost in the desert" and a  road film of Wells touring from London to Cyprus......touring thru historical sites such as Vienna at night and the magical Saxon city of Sibui in Romania where Wells gets to play tennis with ex-communists and drink beer in the local cathouses.Then a jaunt thru Bulgaria into the magic city of Istanbul where he's seen staggering around.After powering his towering van across the deserts of Ankara etc we see him on the ferry to Cyprus,where he meets up with the giant Frank Kohlen.Ex  Dutch heavyweight champ and one of the most intimidating men alive.Once in Cyprus you see him playing at Omars Boaters pub on the harbour where Wells has a permanent residency whenever hes on the island and galavanting around his ruin..........oooops,villa,in the aphrodite mountains of Lapta,his home village.After some canoodle and jaberwocky it all ends up on the ferry back to Turkey,with Wells waxing lyrical about old trucks...specifically..Macks.This is a real adventure.Climb aboard this merry ship* 50€
 A.T.WELLS  Teashirt  a shirt  Teashirt featuring A.T.Wells custom logo 30€
 atwells philosophical journals books 2 volumes of philosophical journals written by Alan T Wells covering various topics,paradoxes and existentional riddles.Wells covers such themes as religion,diet and modern consumerism plus many more topics to numerous to descibe in a single sitting.In short,these are long-winded essays which attempt to answer the very meaning of human life as man staggers to his inevitable demise.Non the less , on an ethereal level these are satisfying reads.Expand your mind,purchase these journals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  fifty euro each
     ALL THESE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE THRU EMAIL  alantwells@hotmail.de  
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