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SPACE MUTANT FROM THE 21ST CENTURY    Bizarre science fiction tome where worlds and egos clash.Space Mutant  & his nemisis Holger Hell.Mutant and his crew have been driven from the earth by Hells evil robot army.They hide away on mars processing gas for their  ships .Mutants second in command Horst von Pimplehoffen foolishly falls for one of hells former robot callgirls and so the chaos ensues .War begins.Hostages from both sides are taken.Mini-landmines are inserted in bodily-orifices .Deals are  made.Ships shot down.Soldiers eaten alive by murderous pirana-like bacteria.Nuclear devices detonated.Its one hell of a ride.Theres sex,violence,computer codes & bad oratory.Space mutant from the 21st century....................a Wells production*                                   180            A4  SPACE MUTANT  Imagine Lost in Space meets The Godfather with the egotistical swagger of Deniro in Meanstreets or Jack Lemon in Glengarry Glenross 27€ 37€
THE GOOD PIGS  A murder mystery set in classic 1950,s L.A .Frank Bacon is on the trail of a vicious killer.Hes a cop on the edge,driven down by P.C and P.M.T.   The main suspect is the rap-superstar J.J.Rappa,his alibi is the Desmonds,L.A,s most prominent evangelists.Frank is a cop on the way out,overweight,underpaid and over-sexed.His methods are questionable,his questioning violent.Franks partner Henri gets involved with a major link to the mystery,aged movie queen Hilda Hofelfinger.Frank with the Desmonds secretary Lola Snout .The Turkish mafia are linked.Theres violence,sex,bad language and alot of money.The plot accelerates to a gruesome climax! Its all to much for Frank Bacon to bear.The Good Pigs...................a Wells production*                                                                   185           A4  FRANK BACON  Think of James Woods Cop,Jack Nickolsons China Town and Pacinos Scarface all on a bad day 25€ 35€
DEAD HARD     Classic spy thriller Wells most graphically violent piece of all .Gary Mathers is "Dead Hard".A hired hand or moreso gun to the highest bidder.Trained by the S A S,schooled in Northern Ireland and Angola he is totally amoral,chillingly violent and chameleon-like to boot.His target is the daughter of the worlds most prominent media baron who cuckolds him and sets him loose but cant keep hold of the leash.Mathers brokers deals with the I R A ,North Koreans and plays the British secret service off against the C I A.This is a game of extremely high stakes and Mathers stakes his life on it.Theres meetings in Kilburn Pubs,brawls in Australian  Clubs,knife-fights in Amsterdam and deadly boat-trips to Dublin. The whole piece is set in different time-frames and world-wide settings .This is elaborate and hard-edged.Dead Hard....a Wells production                             197            A4  GARY MATHERS Think John Lecarre,Andy Mcnab and Quenton Tarantino .Throw in James Bond on crack and yourve just about got it 28€ 38€
KEN DUGGAN    Australian hardman staggers
inadvertently from stag party to world title fight .Ken Duggan was disfigured from birth,he had a gammy* eye.He grew up in Redfern Sydney with the tough Aborigonal kids and he learnt how to fight.He worked hard as a brickies labourer but did a bit of prize-fighting on the side for extra cash.Things where good and steady.His woman loved him.Then on his stag night he unexpectantly found himself on a plane to Thailand,Bangkok to be exact.And so it began.A meteoric rise to a world title fight televised world-wide.This is a rooler-coaster ride from start to finish with  the authors personal knowledge of the boxing and gangster world taken from personal experience.On the way up Duggan beats an opponent to death in the ring and revenge is vowed.From an entire religion.But no-one can get to him as hes cuckolded in south London by the locals.Aussies come from Cockneys  and as such Duggan prospers.Ken Duggan..........a Wells production                                                                                                                                                     
 179            A4  KEN DUGGAN Sort of Mick Dundee meets Harvey Keitals Bad Leutenant but can handle himself like Bronsons Streetfighter 24€ 34€
all books together  All these great books together (with frequency discount) via email alantwells@hotmail.de       81,25€ 112,50€
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