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SINGING SO ALONE 1st pschycedelically tinged effort.rob colby on bass and rich buddy on drums mixed by don bartley in sydneys mega EMI studios 301.features all 3 wells singles.hailed a surf classic by juke magazines adrian ryan an a mighty impressive debut album by the sydney morning heralds stuart coupe.rolling stones ed st john commented *theres purity in them thar hills.maybelline & the war dragged on where both recorded at surrey hills sound barrier studios by respectively swedish pop supremo steve penning & air studios mike stavrou who was in oz looking to switch from engineering to producing and chose atwells as his subject.hed mixed the pretenders brass in pocket and subsequently the war dragged on has the same distinctively compressed bottom end.don bartley ,at the time EMIs supremo record cutter who was also looking to produce as such created the vast mesmeric sounds of tracks such as,fool for falling in love,life in the sun and forever lover.he also raided EMIs special effects library coming up with barnyard cackling and ol rope-turning to flesh out the finished product.the cover art by wells was once compared to "dali on acid"  1983
1 life in the sun
2 fool for falling in love
3 die or stay
4 live bridge
5 pain of love
6 gundy live
7 maybelline
8 I wont be dragging you around
9 forever lover
10 a million lies
11 the war dragged on
POWER TO CHANGE hard thrash country 4-piece.recorded after wells dad thom died in a tragic painting accident.wells cancelled a queensland tour and marched drummer gene ravet(space juniors) bassist steve lee hooker & longserving 2nd guitarist goom fisher to surrey hills sound barrier studios.john hresc whod engineered on maybelline mixed the whole thing in a punchy,no-nonsense manner.the line-up had been together a solid year touring from queensland to melbourne and the sound was tight and hard.especially with ragadoll(space juniors drummer)gene ravet propelling the band at  breakneck high-octane speed.essentially this was wells australian epitath.after 10 years relentlessly touring by all means possible.  1987
1 sunlight on my soul
2 eternally loved
3 highway ballad
4 russian spy
5 divine right
6 live hard die young
7 glory
8 song for do
9 deathly lullaby
10 sydney town
11 chains of love
12 cold winter cycles
NEW INTERNATIONALIST MAGAZINE experimental solo effort wells recorded this in his bayswater flat on a tascam 4-track.he was gigging regularly in central london and the resulting songs showed a new-found soul,almost a rebirth.loadsa washing guitar and some almost CSNY harmony.hed discovered he could play mix and produce an album by himself,at his own pace.the resulting effort is ambiant an soulfull  1993
1 look at a city
2 sympathy
3 running into night
4 the rich labyrinth of life escapes me
5 jack kerouacs wating
6 day after day
7 I am ready
8 yesterday
9 I love you in a song
ONLINE the maincore of this album  features wells 3-piece with Ian Friend on drums  & Bob Colby on bass with some Conzentration songs notably temperatures rising with Hawkwinds Huw Lloyd Langton on lead guitar.the 3-piece line-up is brisk an energetic,the  Conzentration material also featuring Wells good friend,former Yip Yip Coyote drummer Volker Vo Hoff,powerfull and solid 1995
1 down in the bunker
2 I wish I was there tonight
3 high school
4 confidential paradise
5 aurevoi Aufwiedersehen
SUPER various early 90's lineups mainly with Von Hoff on drums and australian bassplayer Tom Obrien   1996
1 tuberculosis blues of doc holliday
2 when will we win
3 I couldn't love you anymore than I do now
IN THE BOONDOCKS 2 sessions both recorded with Volker Von Hoff drums,1 with his Lloyd Langton touring compatriot Rob Mayer on bass,the other with Oz Tom Obrien.recorded live at Willesdons musicbox studios.Rob Mayers bass solid and english,Tom Obriens wild and jazzish , Wells guitar recorded live in stereo.these are chunky sessions,especially with Von Hoffs panzer drums   1997
1 I see you went insane
2 god bless america
3 theres a soul
4 your not god
5 back door man
6 albatross
7 1973
8  peacefull lullaby
9  I hate to lose
10  birthday
PARTY IN THE PARK earliest recordings of all.including some tracks with wells first musical associate from highschool,Dave Hill on 2nd guitar.plus his first ever studio effort with his first band Darkhorse.a real collectors item  1995
 1 my pretty baby
 2 cold mind freeze
 3 constant I love you
 4 warriors that once fought on
 5 riders on the storm
 6 boring blues
PREDATORS CIRCLE all instrumental solo keyboards,guitar set.recorded in some of wells darkest,most introspective periods in his bermondsey flat which was a miasma of keyboards,effects units and roland 505s this instrumental collection is bleak,but more than wall-paper muzak.wells first ever residency at 19 was an italion restaurant playing solo classical 3hour sets an it shows in this deep,inventive work  1998
 1 downturn
 2 predators circle
 3 runaway train
 4 wonderful world
CREEPER acoustic death ballads in mainly open tunings this is sparse and haunting with a strong opium influence also recorded during wells bermondsey period.at this stage he,d lost contact with all but his  london closest friends especially paul roundhill who,s influence shows in these dark,haunting pieces   1995
 1  enough to drive you mad
 2 banks of the river
 3 I will never leave
 4 theres a light
 5 picking the game
 6 lost in your darkness
APPEARANCE drunken solo acoustic hillbilly songs recorded in improvisational one takes this is humerous an hick.wells irish and mutant side rearing its celtic head   1997
 1 graveyard pickin' moma
 2 louises valley
TIGHT DUCK wells most bizarre unco-ordinated effort of all,part jungle mainly mutant,this is a series of sounds ceated by someone who an play breaking down and seeing what will happen.locked once again in his bermondsey studio this grinds,bops,whistles and regurgitates.all slabs of keyboards,mountains of guitars and drums let off the leash   1996
 1 down down down down down
 2 english oil company
BAD RAP THING live studio rap effort with drummer von hoff who improvises around a 505 thus a live but also metronomic feel.slabs of crazed guitars mixed with looping chant.     1998
 1 gambling man
 2 innerdaze
DRUGS SHAMBLES country satire using classic melodies.comedic hopalong ditties that bad theyre good   1996
 1 straight living
 2 climb aboard and ride
 3 marrying a minor
BUDAPEST GUIDE live studio recording of 4-piece line-up d.a.v.e.Volker on drums,jamaican Eric on bass and raconteur Dominic on 2nd guitar this line-up steadily rehearsed 6 months miked up the instruments and recorded this live at Survival Studios in Paddington.the result is edgy and choppy with wells bending and snarling the vocal     1998
the arabs are on their knees
I hate to lose
4 barb wire baby
drinking blood & wine
highschool confidential
BLITZKRIEG HITS doctored version of conzentration rehearsals.real classics mainly with Huw Lloyd Langton 0n lead guitar but some with Dominic Wynn Powers.this band had the potential to go all the way,its war theme,wells anthemic songs& Volkers panzer drums.    1994
1 one europe
2 down in the bunker
3 temperatures rising
4 I wish I was there tonight
5 blitzkrieg
6 aurevoir, Aufwiedersehen
7 innerdaze
8 wild war child
9 neitche
10 paradise
THE BRAWLING SPRAWLING 4-piece line-up with aussies Tom Obrien on bass and Kevin Hisee on 2nd guitar,plus as ever Volker Von Hoff on drums.Once again recorded at Survival in Paddington this has a stonesy ,loose,rambling feel with wells and young Kevin merging their similar wirey rythmic guitar styles and Toms breathing bass compliented by Volkers solid,metronic panzer drums   1996
1 the sickness
2 celtic grave
3 everythings cool
4 alabama song
5 memphis tennessee
6 white rabbit
7 round n round
8 god bless america
9 albatross
10 monkey man
11 helter skelter
TAXI BUS & BIKE INCIDENT solo acoustic lonliness ballads recorded in the bermonsey grotto yet again.wells uses a old roland analog on his acoustic guitar and vocal.at this stage he,d started touring gain and this subsequent set has an optimistic base    1997
1  all that you say is your getting away
2  the sting
3  she's a godess
4  a long long way to go
5  what I give myself
LUXEMBOURG TOURIST GUIDE totally bizarre solo artrock.another dark bermonsey project this is an attempt by wells to destroy....."the beat".........the lyric".......all conventional musical perameters.freeform expression using machines deliberately sabotaged against "the beat"    1994
1  It drifts away
2  muswell hill
3  terror on the streets
4  she woulnt let it go
5  mary you suck up good
6  solitary steps
7  my rose is in paradise
THE PERFECT SHOW acoustic solo effort in all open tunings recorded in Wim Van Derhaags Enschede studio in holland.a rejuvenated wells now fast fingerpicking and creating shapes on his ovation his european mentor Albert Schulting influencing his new-found optimism    1996
1  solomans drop
2  my rotten luck
3  big ben
4  burn burn
5  that was tom
6  it started soon to bleed
7  bethlehem
  NOTHING MATTERS this album features wells 2 london bands in a sense.one the panzer driven conzentration with volker von hoff drumming .the other his studio based project with jamaican legend Ewan Stewart drumming.It sez something that brixton stalwart Stewart (i:e desmond dekker) should befriend and work with wells adding a classic jazz-blues feel to wells compositions.tracks like drinking blood&wine are wells-solid but extremely light of foot thanks to Stewart.one europe features hawkwind guitarist Huw LLoyd Langton who like Ewan Stewart is happy to flesh out wells tunes.the drums on one track were recorded in L:A by Ron James in his stdo jointly owned by Izzy Stradlin(G n R)   1993
1  teenage dream
2  one europe
3  my islands alive
4  wild war child
5  blitzkrieg
6  wonderful
7  bitte baby
8  running into night
9  ancient history
10  going down
  ENCOUNTERS  wells most mild album of all country-rock ballads.recorded in wells holborn studio this is as close as he can get to M.O.R. the haunting "old an dreaming" sets the tone will wells playing all and layering acoustic & electric guitar    1998
1  old man dreaming
2  kingdom come
3  wet wednesday morning
4  theres no protection
  TRANSYLVANIA bizarre & overtly sexual rockwork this is hard and euro-tinged reflecting and recorded in wells newfound haven,sibui,romania at the height of his dabbling in the darkside period.with volker von hoff drumming wells plays all and the result is razor-edged almost frightening rock told from the point of view of the first person   1999
1  a little powder goes a long, long way
2  ms anderson
3  sex industry rocked
4  beauty queen
5  bet it all babyout there every night
  TANGIER HARBOUR exotic flowing rock .recorded in burroughs tangiers this features 2 tracks,lost in the desert and the oldest man in history with L:A Ron James drumming, the rest volker von hoff.also some cowpickingacoustic kneesup nmbers and the haunting,"god is good" confirming wells adoption of middle-eastern culture  1998
1  lost in the desert
2  god is good
3  barb wire baby
4  swimming in alcohol
5  song of the sea
6  it's constant
7  good ol blues
8  the oldest man in history
9  starlight starbright
  ACOUSTIC ROOM moody plaintive solo ballads   1997
1  trendy and bourgeios
2  ugga dugga bugga
3  lone trucking man
  EL CHAOTIC bizarre bearded concept band records rock anthems,el chaotic,with wells ol mucker eunan brady(hollywood brats) on 2nd guitar this brian wilson worshipping and anonymous quartet deny all links with musical terrorism   2002
1  the wrong side of the tracks
2  dont kick little dogs
3  hareem
4  where's the stage?
5  razors edge
6  under blue skies
  THE OLIVE GROVE wells lightest rock album salutes the isle of cyprus.recorded on the island .wells now fully integrated and gigging on the aphrodite island this breezy lbum features the light touch of ewan stuart on drums plus some wells acoustically driven dities    2003
1  you where alive then
2  mothers favourite son
3  bye bye baby
4  home with you
5  a life left incomplete
6  god saving your queen
7  I'm my biggest fan
8  fun tonight
  INDEPENDENT screamingly hard solo rock effort,sexual & political.with von hoff again drumming these tunes blaze a powertrail.like transylvania this album is not for the faint hearted wells digging deep  in his battered world-weary soul to create worldly objective rock.no "love me do" here    2004
1  another payload
2  all the way
3  profitability
4  swedens in recession
5  wells opus
6  alot
  COUNTRY SOUL nearest thing to alt-rock wells ever got or lets say gram parsons meets atlanta rythym section.wells at this stage gravitating towards bavaria slowly seperating from london life,going back to good ol roots,avoiding heart attak   2005
1  the brightest star
2  unstoppable now
3  everyone in the know
4  salems at the witching hour
5  bizarre destiny
6  go to hell
  GOD OF ROCK mainstream melodic tunes illustrate title.wells now not playing london anymore,more europe & cyprus these songs have a more trad power feel.no more bermondsey ostracism blues wells guitar and vocal matured the music still solid but more conventional   2006
1  destiny is passed
2  the devil doesn't lie tonight
3  miles away
4  no xanadu
5  hysteria
6  all that soul
  DEATH IN PARIS solo acoustic effort recorded in the city of cafes,evidence of well new 4fingermetalpicking acoustic guitar attack.wells now comfortable as a solo troubadour.gravitating away from 4-piece rock    2003
1  big city liars
2  when you gonna get what your looking for?
3  every womans type
4  the best we can
5  I ain't ready yet to bleed
6  the minaret
  HEAVY BLUES existential rock recorded in a german castle.wells now in a relationship with a geman countess he moves cubebase recording equipment into her castle and completes 3 albums ove a space of one and a half years  2007
1  time to die
2  the highway is a friend
3  someways you care
4  the goodness of your love will kill me
5  blooming marvelous
  CLEAN & DOWN mean country rock from tormented wells,this the second album of the 3 wells once again reclusive and experimenting with 30 years of music creation up his sleeve and plenty of castle-space.these last 3 albums display all wells hard-earned craft with sampled drums from von hoff and stewart,his classic italion guitar multi-reverb & a fender precision fretless bass.  2007
1  silver city
2  dachau
3  reckless side
4  new way out
5  can you say
6  what goes round
7  her gypsy black heart
  DEATHSONGS as the name implies deathly slabs of  rockwork.wells having now mastered the cubebass the tracks are compressed and noiseless.tunes like ordinary man textured and grand,comfortable,moving at their own pace without the angst of hired hands.a grand period alas now ended........just   2008
1  ordinary man
2  damn you & hang you
3  keep rocking and hope for the best
4  sink in the sea
5  badman
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  Live Albums
NO FREE DRINKS steaming live set featuring eunan brady on 2nd guitar and renowned jazzrock drummer yan yodelko.bob colby on bass completes the lineup.recorded at fulhams legendary kings head pub.front of house johnny time    1998
 1  dizzy
 2  I have retired
 3  your god is in your head
 4  death of a bluesman
 5  neitche
 6  bleed poor man bleed
 7  your god is in your head
 8  sydney town
 9  god is on your side
 BOYS FROM THE BUSH  flowing cowpunk rockset from wells 80,s lineup the hillbilly pilgrims with gary dymick on drums and larry parkinson alternating bass and 2nd guitar roles with the enigmatic holger maschke.performance at the cavernous port macquarie RSL club.mixed by pete sedgewick  1986
 1  fool for falling in love
 2  glory
 3  I ran away from the war
 4  young love
 5  lonliest rooster
 6  one way out
 7  life in the sun
 8  maybelline
 9  the war dragged on
 10  I wont be dragging you around
 11  around & around
 12  where do you work
 13  hour has come, (holger maschke rant)
 BENT SOUND  solid set roaring  from the plantation hotel in coffs harbour.flowers drummer don brown(r.i.p) and bassist paul bearer lay down a chunky groove for wells and 2nd guitarist goom fisher to lather in guitar shapes.pete sedgwick at the desk keeps it all compressed  1987
 1   glory,round&round
 2  I ran away from the war
 3  dragging you down
 4  my pretty baby
 5  war dragging on
 6  life in the sun
 7  maybelline
 8  one way out
 9  hawaii 5 O
 10  cheating on me
 WHERE GUITARS FLOW  wells with the acid minstrels core of doc hollis on drums,larry parkinson on bass and a rampant mark gregory howling 2nd guitar.rat salads grub dues took a break from his DV8 chores to mix it all in the massive ettalong beach war memorial club  1985
 another warsong
 2  cheating on me
 3  the drinking is killing you
 4  life  in the sun
 5  the war dragged on
 6  my body falls apart again
 7  maybelline
 8  it doesn't hurt me if it doesn't hurt you
DARKHORSE recorded at the belmont sailing club in the early 80s this was A.Ts first line-up darkhorse.gary pryor on drums and bassist steve hap with 2nd guitarist phil dolstra complete the lineup.dressed in all black with wells in a tuxedo they power into wells early compostions an mesh it out with a few familiar classics.chris godine at the mixing desks tames the "horse"  1981
 1   wired
 2  sound fantasy
 3  harder everyday
 4  sympathy for the devil
 5  cold mind freeze
 6  hey hey my my,my pretty baby
 7  all along the watchtower
 8  jumping jack flash
 9  black magic woman
 10  scag blues
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