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A.T.WELLS, the original & best yes indeed . ORIGINAL PSYCHEDELIC, BLUES, COUNTRY, ROCK, SINGER, SONGWRITER, GUITARIST, PLAYWRITE, PHILOSOPHER& RACONTEUR********** a brief historical summary:  Wells is that rare thing in the modern world, an artist not solely motivated by ego & profit. Starting piano at the age of six, he first began playing professionally at 19, entertaining his surfing buddies up & down the idyllic east coast of Australia. He had his first single and album out at 22. It was critically acclaimed, yet when big record companies such as" Warner Brothers" approached him he declined their offers. Claiming he was on some artistic bent that would mature in 30 years time. His influences being Chuck Berry & Willie Nelson, not so much musically as spiritually. Said he needed to play and travel a lot, pay dues etc. Thus the journey began. Leaving Oz in 86, he has spent time in countries ranging from America to Sweden playing in various guises from solo troubadour to rock' n roll bandleader. Its his choice of material over the years that has always intrigued as being a profilic songwriter, it varied from the conventional to the sublime to the bizarre. Over the last 25 years this man has had more musicians pass through his band than hot dinners. Wrote 2 books of poems, 3 journals of philosophy , produced and edited 2 autobiographical films.******************************************* Now the general public has access to what only an elite few recognised***He is (as John Emery coined) the "God of rock".

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